Charis Center offers a wide variety of classes designed to meet the needs of multiple levels of learning and interest, all while meeting the requirements for earning a high school diploma. Students can chose a traditional program, or create one that best suits their interests and goals. Many of the courses are based on college or advanced placement classes. 

High School Requirements & Courses

General Graduation Requirements: A minimum of 22 credits are necessary for graduation along with community service hours. Charis Center students generally graduate with 28-30 credits.

Language Arts -  (4 credits) classes are offered at varying academic levels, but are designed to help students improve in their basic language skills.  The course of study includes the review and reinforcement of grammar fundamentals and standard English usage as well as reading short stories, poetry, and novels. Emphasis is on improving writing skills, vocabulary development and reading American, World,  & Multicultural literature. A full year class in Shakespearean Studies is also offered.


Math (minimum 3 credits) Our math curricula provides comprehensive instruction in Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Advanced Math, and Calculus, as well as business math and personal finance. 

Science —(minimum 2 credits) CHARIS CENTER science includes habitable planet, biology, chemistry & physics. Our science classes are animal and environmentally friendly.

Social Studies(4 credits)  In keeping with our focus on peace, diversity and justice, CHARIS CENTER offers a unique approach to social studies by organizing history courses chronologically through the voices of a variety of people as opposed to organizing by war and conflict. US history is offered through presidential biographies, women, slaves & immigrants; world history is organized around 100 objects 6, beverages, and food; and government is based on people, politics, and policy. In addition global and intercultural communication, and sociology, and economics are offered.

Foreign Languages—(2 credits) Students have the option of Spanish, French or Latin. The focus of foreign language study is vocabulary, grammar, speech, and culture. All foreign language classes are self directed using a variety of learning platforms.


Critical Thinking  (1 credit) is designed to help students think about the ways they think – metacognition, or knowing about knowing. As critical thinkers we approach complicated situations with an awareness of our thoughts, beliefs, and opinions and how to direct them rationally.

Peace Studies (2 credits ) This curricula introduces students to some of the greatest peacemaker in history as well as the history of making peace. Each course is a semester long study. 

Course Offerings - 

The listed courses are either developed or in development and will be available in Fall 2018.

Language Arts

Writing Workshop

Writing 1

Writing 2

Creative Journaling

Research Writing

Survey of Literature

American Literature

World Literature

Women Authors

British Literature


the Bible as Literature

Social Science

US Geography

World Geography

Cultural Geography

US History 1

US History 2

World Hisotry

Presidential Biographies

Women's in Hisotry

Intro to Government

People, Politics & Policy

Intro to Sociology

Gender Studies

Intercultural Studies

Interpersonal Communication

Intro to Psychology



Environmental Science


Advance Chemistry


Cosmology & Astronomy


Human Biology



Pre Algebra

Algebra 1

Algebra 2





Persoanl Finance

Business Math 

Perfoming Arts

Theatre History 1

Theatre History 2

Acting 1

Actinf 2

Advanced Acting

Script Analysis


Stage Design


Acting for Film


Disciplined Entrepreneurship


B&W Photography

Digital Photography

Photo Processing

History of Photography 

Color Photography

Computer Science

Comp Science 1

Comp Science 2

Theory & Application

of Technology

Intro to Coding




Peace Studies

The Peacemakers

Peace & Diversity

Literature of Diversity

Human Rights

the Buddhist Path

Reflections on Peace

Planetary Stewardship


Cultural Studies

Current Events

Journey to Adulthood

Choosing Civility

Fines Arts

Music History

Art History


Music Theory 1

Music Theory 2