7th Grade 

Charis Center is pleased to announce the addition of a 7th grade class for the 2018-19 school year. Based on the philosophy of Maria Montessori,  the program of study is an “integrated thematic approach” that ties separate disciplines of the curriculum into studies of the physical universe, the world of nature, and the human experience. This integrated approach is one of Montessori’s great strengths. As an example, when students study the culture and history of the ancient Greeks in Humanities, they also study mythology and read Homer and the great Greek Tragedies. As they read Shakespeare the learn about the Elizabethan period and attend a performance of a Shakespearean play. 

Our Middle School Curricula takes a more traditional approach to course content, preparing students for self directed learning, problem solving, and critical thinking. Students are expected to demonstrate competency in the core subjects of math, science, history, writing and reading.

High School Areas of Concentration

Students in the high school program have the opportunity to explore their interests and passions with a variety of courses while also focusing on the core areas of math, science, social science, and humanities. Students can select a major area of interest to develop. All major areas of study prepare the students for college or career. 

THEATRE ARTS - Acting, Directing, Play Structure, Style & Meaning, Stage Design Costuming

VIDEO GAME DEVELOPMENT - Introduction to Computer Art, Game theory & Culture

FORENSIC ANTHROPOLOGY - Introduction to corrections, Sociology, Psychology, Law Enforcement, Criminal Law

ENTREPRENEURSHIP - How to Start Your Business

VISUAL ART - Drawing, Water Colors, Acrylics, Charcoal, Sculpture, Fabric

COMPUTER SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY- Introduction to Coding, C++, Python, Theory of Computer Science

Enrollment Options

There are several ways to enroll your student in the Charis Center courses

Full Time - This is a 12 month program beginning in September and continuing through August. We take several extended breaks through out the year (Fall, Winter, Spring, and summer). 


Half Time (2 full days OR 3 1/2 Days) - This options follows the same schedule as the full time program, Students select the days of attendance, and maintain that schedule for at least 1 semester)

Single Full Year Class(es) - Students enroll in a single class and attend class in 2 weekly, 90 minute sessions beginning in September and concluding in June.

Single Semester Class(es) - These classes run in 15 week sessions beginning in September and January.  Each class is designed for two, 90 minute classes per week. 

Friday Seminars - The seminars meet each Friday in a 6-week rotation and cover various contemporary topics (ie: current events, journey to adulthood, social issues, etc).  Each weekly session is scheduled for 90 minutes. 


Every effort is made to keep instructional fees affordable. Students are expected to provide a laptop , pencils an pens. Every student pays an annual fee to cover the cost of materials, instructional subscriptions, books and other miscellaneous necessities. 

Full time $6600 per year (1, 2, 10 & 12 payment plan available)

$200 annual materials fee

Half Time $3300 per year(1, 2,10 & 12 payment plan available)

$150 annual materials fee

Single Full year Course $1500 (1,2,4 payment plan available)

$80 per course materials fee

Single Semester Course $800 (1 or 2 payment plan available)

$45 per course materials fee 

Friday Seminar $450 (1 payment due by the 2nd class meeting)

$25 per seminar fee

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Registration & Fees

The Educational Fees will vary depending on what service you need. 

Our 2020 SUMMER SESSION begins on Tuesday, June 24th, and ends on Thursday, July 23. The summer hours are from 10 am-3 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
Summer Session - 4 weeks (15 hours per week) $550; Students attend Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10 am-3 pm


Summer Session - 4 weeks (6 hours per week) $400;  Student attends in 2 hour blocks Monday-Thursday (eg: 10am-12pm; 12pm-2pm; 1pm-3pm)

Summer Session - 4 weeks (3 hours per week) $200; Student attends 1 hour three times per week OR 1 day for 3 hours)


Summer Single Class:

6 meetings $150

8 Meetings $175

UMBRELLA Only: $100 annually (includes 3 meetings per year for 1 student; Additional family -  $30 per student

FULL YEAR (September 2020-August 2021)
Single-Core Course (40 weeks): $2000

Single Elective Course (10-15 weeks) ($1000)
Part-Time Student (3 courses): $3300 per year
Full-Time Student: (4 core courses plus electives): $6600 per year


Virtual Learning is also available. Please contact the Charis Center for more information


Full-time or Part-time - $200 per year (divided into 2 payments September & January)

Single-Core Course - $100

Single Elective Course - $50

Summer Session - $25

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Registration fee is $20

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