We are an innovative and creative school for grades 6/7th-12th. Our curricula is grounded in the concepts of peace, justice, diversity and sustainability, with a focus on the visual and performing arts.  We are excited to be educational partners with the Global Village School, an accredited online school. Our full day academic curricula provides  individualized learning plans based on the whole child,  and includes year long classes in art, dance, drama and music.


Similar to a college schedule, our full time program offers curricula on a 12-month calendar with substantial breaks between sessions. Students  are given the opportunity to move through course work at their own pace through self directed, virtual, computer mediated, and/or instructor led classes. Our academic year begins in September and operates in 8 week sessions, offering 5 sessions per year and 4 week summer sessions.


Charis Center also welcomes home school students to enroll part time with a single class or  series of classes during any session, including summer. Multiple class discounts are applied after the first 2 class registrations taken during the same session.

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Virtual Learning


Virtual Instruction is an exciting new feature that we are now offering to our families. You have the options of enrolling in a hybrid model or a completely virtual model. In the hybrid model some courses are delivered online and some in our studio. In the virtual model, all the instruction is delivered online. This option also includes video chats and group discussions (in classes with 2 or more students). We currently offer all core courses for grades 7-12, music history, art history, peace studies, and Spanish 1 & 2. We can maintain transcripts or simply provide grade reports and certificates of completion. 


Rebel Girls: Women Who Changed the World

Location: Online

Fee: $175 (minimum 5 students)

8 weeks



Throughout history and across cultures, women and girls have faced adversity and innumerable challenges of injustice. Many have broken through barriers, and in doing so, changed the world, REBEL GIRLS: WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD, focuses on many of the women who challenged the patriarchy and blazed a trail for the women of the future. History will be investigated through the female ‘lens’ and events that students have been previously exposed to will be viewed, analyzed and understood in a new way. Primary sources will be analyzed and evaluated to gain a more complete understanding of the many contributions made by men and women in different eras. Accomplishments by individual women throughout history will also be traced to modern-day freedoms for females. We will pay homage to their work through

Untangle Your Writing Process
Location: Online

Fee: $175 (minimum 5 students)

8 weeks


This 5 week workshop provides students with instruction and approaches to writing school essays that may include narrative, expository, descriptive, evaluative, or persuasive objectives. A series of strategies will be presented to level the learning field to include diverse learning styles, including diverse ways to organize the thought process through graphic organizers, brainstorming, free-writing, writer's journal, and more.  There will be instructions on how to be a positive peer reviewer.

Give My Regards to Broadway: a history of American Musical Theatre
Location: Online
Course Length: 10 weeks
Fee: $180 (minimum 5 students)
This 6-week course highlights the history and development of musical theatre from its origins in opera to present-day modern musicals and the chief contributors to musicals as we know them. The content requires significant reading, group discussion, and keen observation as we wend our way through both American history and musical history. History of Musical Theater is a survey course that will examine the history and masterworks of musical theater, beginning with the birth of opera but concentrating on its role in the United States. Students will experience the evolution of musical theatre through composite video recordings of musicals, assigned readings, and class discussions. 
The VISON of the Charis Center  is to provide a high quality venue for an alternative academic program that is open to all learning styles and to experience the visual and performing arts  .

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